Thanks to everyone who attended our breakout session at NON-CON! We had a great time sharing experiences and discussing how we can effect change as young professionals. Below is a list of the resources we referenced. If you want to follow up on anything we discussed in our presentation or membership options, contact us!

Imposter Syndrome

TED| Video Playlist on Fighting Imposter Syndrom

NYT| Dealing with Imposter Syndrome When You’re Treated as an Imposter
TED-Ed Video| What is Imposter Syndrome and How Can You Combat It?

Non-Profit Industrial Complex

What’s the Non-Profit Industrial Complex and Why Should I Care? Zine

INCITE!| Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Truthout| Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Tokenism and Diversity within Non-Profits

CoCo| The “Problem” Women of Color in the Workplace

Collective Liberation| Anti-Racist Organizational Development

CommonGood Careers &
Level Playing Field Institute| The Voice of Non-Profit Talent: Diversity in the Workplace Report

Helen Kim Ho via Medium| 8 Ways People of Color are Tokenized in Non-Profits

Cultural Humility

Me & White Supremacy workbook by Layla Saad (FREE)
National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence| Power and Control Wheel Adaptations
Culturally Connected
Culturally Connected| Resources
Cultural Humility: Essential Foundation for Clinical Researchers Report

Professionalization of activism

AlterNet| Is Professional Activism Getting in the Way of Real Change?

The Gaurdian| Why grassroots activists should resist being ‘professionalised’ into an NGO